Mission Statement

  • IT is our mission to be involved in the process of making positive changes in people’s lives by providing support with the highest integrity and compassion to individuals working towards recovery, by individuals in recovery, with similar experiences.
  • IT is our vision to focus on the person and not the illness.
  • IT is our desire to create a one-to-one, supportive relationship with the person we are mentoring in recovery.

Determine Your Goals and Your Plan

  • BOTH the person receiving peer support as well as the Certified Peer Specialist will work hard to build a trusting relationship with mutual respect.
  • WE will discover together what your individual recovery goals are.
  • WE will develop a plan to accomplish your goals and desired outcomes.
  • WE will promote empowerment, self-determination, understanding, coping skills and resilience through mentoring and service coordination supports.

Peer Support Service Specialties Include:

  • OFFERING hope that recovery is not only possible but probable
  • SUPPORTING your choices and active involvement in your recovery process
  • PROVIDING information and opportunities to identify and choose for yourself your desired roles with regard to living, learning, working and social interaction in the community
  • COORDINATION of and linkage to other service providers
  • RECOGNIZING, respecting and accommodating differences as they relate to your culture/ethnicity/race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation
  • SUPPORT individual human rights and eliminate discrimination and stigma


“Recovery InSight, Inc’s vision is to provide peer support services that focus on the person and not their mental illness. We will earn our peers’ enthusiasm through continued improvement driven by integrity, teamwork and mutual respect. We will become the most proactive and inspiring peer support service in Pennsylvania.”

Proud Member of The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry